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Viewing Geographic category

Downloadable Geographical Databases containing databases with geographical information such as US states, US counties and other geographical information. Ideal for building geographical based websites or gathering geographical information for projects and more.
View USA States details
USA States
USA States database containing all US state names and abbreviations.
Database Entries: 54
Database Fields: id, twochar, name

View US Counties details
US Counties
US Counties database containing all counties in the United States.
Database Entries: 31,527
Database Fields: id, city, state, county

View Countries of the world details
Countries of the world
Countries of the world database containing country name and abbreviation for each listed.
Database Entries: 238
Database Fields: id, abbr, country

View Primary World Languages details
Primary World Languages
Primary World Languages content only database containing id and name for each language listed.
Database Entries: 121
Database Fields: id, language_name

View Canadian States details
Canadian States
Canadian States content only database containing state name and abbrevation for each listed.
Database Entries: 13
Database Fields: id, state, abbreviation

View 100 Largest US Cities details
100 Largest US Cities
100 Largest US Cities content only database containing city, state and population for each listing.
Database Entries: 100
Database Fields: id, city, state, population

View Timezones details
Timezones content only database with timezone and hours for each listing.
Database Entries: 30
Database Fields: id, timezone, hours

View UK Counties details
UK Counties
UK Counties content only database containing county, province and country for each listing.
Database Entries: 328
Database Fields: id, county, province, country

View UK Postal Districts details
UK Postal Districts
UK Postal Districts content only database with area, town and districts for each listing.
Database Entries: 1,641
Database Fields: id, area, town, districts

View UK Towns details
UK Towns
UK Towns content only database.
Database Entries: 916
Database Fields: id, value

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