Oracle Forms vs. Oracle HTML

A short comment the differences between Oracle Forms and Oracle Html DB, which are both used with Oracle 10g.

Oracle Forms is a rapid development tool as is HTML DB, however from a reporting side, HTML DB allows users with limited programming skills to create complex and graphical reports using wizards which are available through HTML DB (some setup may still be required from a development side before this ability is available to the user). Oracle Forms offers you the ability to have more control over the application you are developing. You can create the layouts you want for screens, with HTML DB you use pre-defined templates for the screen layouts, but these still allow you to be flexible with the report layouts.

Conclusion Oracle HTML DB a feature of Oracle Database 10g, is a rapid application development tool. Thanks to built-in features such as design themes, navigational controls, form handlers, and flexible reports, Oracle HTML DB accelerates the application development process. Using only a web browser, you can develop and deploy professional looking applications that are both fast and secure, which allows concurrent updates by multiple users as well as providing real time access to a single source of information.

New applications can be launched and updated without the need to distribute software, everyone has access to the latest information from any computer, and users jump almost seamlessly from one application to another, as long as they have a web browser on their desktop.

The Oracle database is centrally deployed and managed, with the ability to host many users on a single instance of the database. This can be accessed through HTML DB, anywhere via a browser.

For Oracle HTML DB to be effective, all the data in the database needs to be up-to-date. As this data will be shared with other users, reports will become inaccurate, if data is not updated by end users.

Author: Dal Hayer